Our Papers

Our papers are handmade one by one in a highly artisanal process. We offer a variety of paper weights, from 7g/m² to 600g/m², broadening the helm of possibilities for different uses and applications. Our biggest particularity is the basic pH.

We work with A2, A3, A4 paper sizes.

The finish of our papers can be left raw or refined.

Our papers are classified into:

Virgin fiber

Fibers extracted of agriculture waste and/or small and medium vegetables. Currently we use banana tree, sugarcane bagasse, flower of southern cattail, Bromelia pinguin (gravatá), and cotton fiber.


Pure blended cotton fiber. There are two options of paper: 100% cotton and 50% cotton combined with 50% white recycled industrial paper trimmings.

Mixed Fiber

Made from the reuse of fibers and trimmings produced by Moinho Brasil.

Trimmings and Vegetable Fiber

Papers that are mostly made of recycled paper with the inclusion of fibers that bring a decorative character such as: bamboo leaves, onion peel and sisal.

Industrial trimmings

Papers assembled out of industrial paper recycling.

Seed Paper

Sheets that can be potted after use. The technology developed by Moinho Brasil allows a germination even after a year.

Seed paper: arugula sprouted after 10 days.

Variations in manufacturing

The production of handmade paper is directly affected by external issues that may influence the final aspect of the paper.

1. Raw material: the condition of the raw material, even with a regular and structured procedure, can cause small variations between one batch and another.

2. Pigmentation: variations in the pigments that come from the supplier a bit different each time. Therefor, there is the possibility of hue variance, to a lighter or a darker hue, depending on the batch of pigment used.

3. Drying: our papers dry between fabrics. The texture of the fabric used can influence the final aspect of the paper.

4. Seasons: we observed that when the weather is dry, the paper tends to have a different drying pattern compared to humid seasons.

For large orders we take care to maintain a standard aspect of the paper and to diminish the variations listed above.

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