Moinho Brasil, located in the interior of São Paulo state in Brazil, was founded in 1985 by Renata Telles and late Antônio Eduardo Bosquê with the intent of recycling agricultural waste in order to obtain the most diversified fibers for handmade paper production.

The practice was always guided by researches connected with themes of reuse or agricultural waste and recycling, repurposing of industrial trimmings, besides all the care in the manufacturing process with the reuse of the water and its correct disposal. These aspects demonstrate our efforts for sustainability and good use of the resources. 

In addition, Moinho Brasil is the pioneer in the development of its methodology in mass paper production, keeping the whole process highly handmade. In 2016, it was recognized as the first Brazilian paper mill.

In 2016, we started a partnership with Izumi Craft Paper Trade. With Eliane Mizumoto,  we continue to grow our improvement of the production of handmade paper, still under technical supervision of Renata Telles, bur with a new team.

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Izumi Comércio de Papel Artesanal


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